two monkeys in a cage

BC US LLC has been operating in Hendry County, Florida, since 2012. Our facilities serve for holding and CDC approved quarantine for the 100% Specific Pathogen Free cynomolgus monkeys that we source exclusively from Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd.

The company currently employs 150 people and our workforce will grow to 200 in 2024. We have a very diverse staff profile of highly qualified veterinarians, scientists and behaviourists hailing from the best universities in the US and abroad. Together with our husbandry, maintenance, construction and animal care personnel, they ensure that our non human primates benefit from the highest standards of animal welfare and care.

The BC US LLC facilities are duly accredited and approved by the AAALAC, CDC, USDA, USFW, FLFW, DEA as well as by Hendry County. We serve clients in all segments of biomedical research including pharma, universities and non clinical research organisations.

We now aim to develop research capabilities by encouraging talented researchers, MDs and PHDs from Boston, New York, Chicago and California to relocate to our area.