Empowering Medical Research

Bioculture Group is a world class player in breeding and supplying naturally born 100% Specific Pathogen Free non human primates to premier international pharmaceutical companies, universities and non-clinical research organisations.

Being isolated on the island since the introduction of a small founder population, 400 years ago, the local cynomolgus monkeys have developed a unique genetic profile. They have never been hybridised with any other macaque species on the island of Mauritius. This also means that they are free from diseases that typically affect macaques in other regions of the world.

Medical research carried out with the help of cynomolgus monkeys from Mauritius enables better reproducibility in the results. These macaques are thus most suitable candidates for cancer, diabetes, HIV, gene and stem cell therapies among many other research fields.

All our 9 sites in Mauritius and 1 in the US implement the highest standards of animal welfare, veterinary care and husbandry. All our operations are AAALAC accredited and ISO certified while our housing facilities strictly comply with European ETS 123 norms.

From our management teams to scientists, veterinarians and husbandry staff, everyone makes sure that our monkeys benefit from the highest standards of animal welfare and veterinary care.

Bioculture Group is now positioning itself as a new operator in the emerging biotechnology industry in Mauritius. We aim to develop non clinical research capabilities both in Mauritius and in the US. To achieve this ambition, we plan on attracting talented research and medical professionals from across the world.