Meet our people

Bioculture Group employs 750 people in Mauritius and another 150 through BC US LLC in the United States. From our creation, our company culture has focused on the wellbeing of our staff.

Our engineers, scientists, analysts, animal carers and business specialists devote their attention to the long-tailed macaques that we breed and to meeting our clients’ needs. Collectively, we pave the way to medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs that benefit hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Mary-Ann Griffiths

Cofounder and Joint Managing Director

Owen Griffiths

Cofounder and Joint Managing Director

Mehul Bhatt

Chief Strategy Officer

Naveen Sangeelee

Chief Finance Officer designate

Jacob Griffiths

Head of Business Development

Dr Kisnasamy "Sam" Naraina Poulle

Group Veterinary Director

Mel Ferre

Export and Planning Manager

Eric Baboo

Animal Welfare and Behaviour Manager

Jeremy Griffiths

Production Manager

Nada Padayatchy

Trapping and Sustainability Manager

"Soudha" Geddedu-Hurdial

Group Laboratory Manager

Sandhya Teeluckdherry

Group Human Resources Director

Izadeen Boodhoo

Operations Manager

Sandiren Naiken

Data and Optimisation Manager

Anoop Shewraj

IT Manager

Khaleel Bheekhun

Quality System Manager

Sittee Uppadoo

Projects and Infrastructure Manager

Avin Pothunnah

Supply Chain Manager

Sheeralah Armoogum

Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Kersley Pel

Mechanical and Electrical Manager

Mark Moshe Bushmitz

President, BC US LLC

Dr Lynette Gierbolini

Attending Veterinarian,

Dr Elda P. Mendoza

Colony Manager, BC US LLC

Tina Koban

Director of Behaviour and Welfare, BC US LLC