Caring for Life

Founded in 1984 by Mary-Ann and Owen Griffiths, Bioculture Group is the pioneer in cynomolgus monkey breeding and export in Mauritius. From a purely Mauritius-based family business, the organisation has steadily expanded over the years. We currently operate in Mauritius through Bioculture (Mauritius) Ltd (BCM) and in Florida, since 2012, through BC US LLC.

A core mission has been at the heart of our endeavours for the past four decades: “Caring for Life”. Bioculture Group cares for the life of the animals under our care and ultimately for that of hundreds of millions of people around the world who benefit from ground breaking medical research involving non human primates.

We care for the life of our employees by making sure that they work in a fulfilling environment as they gather around our shared values of Humility, Integrity, Compassion, Perseverance and Team Spirit.

Bioculture Group also cares for the life of the community and the environment by committing resources to life-changing local projects and protecting the biodiversity in Mauritius and neighbouring islands through conservation and education efforts.

True to our mission, Bioculture Group was a founding member of the Cyno Breeders Association of Mauritius. The aim of this private sector organisation is to promote the highest standards of animal welfare among operators of this sector; while encouraging dialogue with our stakeholders including public authorities and the public at large.